11/15/16 Arabidopsis submergence QTL paper is accepted with minor revision!

Stay tuned for the online version!

11/8/16 Plant Signaling and Behaviour paper out!

Our addendum on our Plant Physiology paper is out with some new data of GWAS! Check it out here.

5/15/16 Paper out in Plant Physiology!

Our paper on RNA-seq on 8 Arabidopsis accesions is out with some exciting results. Check it out here. Let me know if you want  a copy.

4/11/15 started a new postdoc in Blackman Lab on sunflower domestication!

Details to follow but I will be analyzing ancient DNA from archeological samples to reveal patterns of gene architecture during domestication process through a time series. I am really excited since this will be doing a backwards selection experiment in Benjamin Button style. Check out the Blackman Lab.

12/03/15 Paper out in New Phytologist!

Early view of our paper is out here. Please let me know if you would like to get a copy. In this study, we showed that gene expression patterns of populations observed in a  common garden shows signatures of the source site climates, and this is also reflected in the trait data also measured in the garden. We believe that these patterns occur as a result of evolutionary processes that set limits on gene expression patterns (despite the highly plastic nature of gene expression) due to local adaptations.

10/27/15   BASIS orientation

I went to the first meeting of BASIS (Bay Area Scientists in Schools) Program today. It is really exciting to think about ways I could be of help to get younger minds interested in science. I am looking forward to starting teaching in a few months after getting trained!

10/15/2015   Paper accepted in New Phytologist!

I am excited to announce that our paper on population level differentiation in gene expression is accepted in New Phytologist and is in press now, stay tuned for the early view. You can find some details about the paper here in part 1.

9/20/15   A new student, a new project!

Xinyi Zhao, from University of Amterdam joined us for 8 months for an exciting project on population transcriptomics of the highly invasive ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) along the California coast. We are excited to start our seed collection and experimental study in Bodega Bay and Younger Lagoon UC Reserves!

3/20/15   Micromorph Phenotypic Plasticity Workshop

I was selected to be one of the attendees of this awesome workshop to be held at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston. Very much looking forward to sharing and discussing research!

More info here.

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